an extension?



Here, a two storey extension to a modest existing home will dramatically increase the Quality of Life, Amenity and Value of the asset

If your extension is well planned and documented, you get what you want, the Council is on side, the builder is happy and the whole approval and construction process goes smoothly. "If it is not right on the plans it won't be right in the building either" plan of the 6 necessary for the above project. BASIX certificate; Bushfire Report; Statement of Environmental Effects; Character Statements; Notification Plans wre also provided as part of the Council submission package for a Development Application and a Construction Certificate.....

Ugly ill considered extensions to homes usually wreck what was already there and destroys any opportunity to enhance potential lifestyle and asset value.

However, executed professionally, it is a very different story. It usually makes sound economic sense to consider extending or remodelling an existing home prior to deciding upon building a new. Primarily, this is because money spent on agents' fees, stamp duty, removal expenses, relocation and buy/sell stress; etc, can be very considerable indeed.